Friday, February 17, 2017

skate park cover

it was grover
not gonzo
39 steps

barry do not have more than two eyes either, too

mr. e ticket to get in

thank you fine sir

blah, i dont know

sugar.sunshines watching whatever this new spaceman cinema....
but theyre trying to figure spaceman path landings for their showings.
1st where there is least lightning disruptions for them
2nd theory...    "where SHEENA E had top O thee charts hits in 1980.
so...., we dont know...."

was funny

but......theories theories theories

they can be round

much of thee mess could be perpettrations of pilloid kind
whats a weak man to do when see what you saw
and .....all that stuff too.
yet, on thee positive, i saw a , thing.....
bout the tracking of scripts.....and all that....
so.....on to the right something
even if i did be able to upset my own system
cause good is good. 

nother.story for nother another
                                                          (but its not negative...just know....)
creamcheese woke other middle night....farting around

but, too....ive been entertaining this ,uh, theory....for me.

and, yeah....i suspect i was was mk.ultra'(d) by pops second hand smoke of that good ol boy popeye pick that up....bum some captain crunch off of CONN.maxwell....
then id sit me & blankie on couch(potatoed) in front of the conditioning called thee
fine feline felix

i shit you not