Tuesday, October 25, 2016

tuuuuuuuuuuuuesday turns w/ TRADIO

i.walked up to, well, not this guy.
but a guy...gnar.gnar
at thee merri.go.merri.go.merri.go.rou ND.
sorry...it was tejas.charm
i.was....anyway pig...still am
but i.bought ....eh.
i.got, what may be a fun one.

uh later.later.




Wednesday, July 20, 2016

it takes an "E" ticket to get in

i.wanna play violin
healthy doses of GONG when a wee.lad.
 I. wish i. could follow through with this idea....ive.had for some time.
but.the fuckin GONG SHOW
and all that other stuff too

thee.acciental genius of this

Saturday, June 18, 2016

but whats.it


 here.s feeling.smaller controller
                up, out of bounds

all is lost in the last 1/3BLOCKheaded.ness......gotta thin out

was daydreaming
     something other day
i still remember a loccal news anchor
strolling a roadside
demonstrating the ability to 
spot&pick thee wild jimmson.weed
they were warning
but simultaneously ....
droppings w(h)ere sure?
a voided valley

,a o
butt., jimson.weed faux.cosmic

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

dig.gin this actions.
smell smelling fumes of bygone time.
never.got to huff...butt.
no words.just tell it as it happens to U.
or you.oryou.or you..
here comes the sun
& I have hated the beatles.for years.
it's funny.
but words&actions.
i.liked reading ...or.like, reading what he shares....John, that is...

Thursday, June 9, 2016

122 hours of fear.....DuPlenty

Where's the logic in her dreams?
Love is always at a distance.
On the streets. At the club.
She sits.
She smokes.
She frightens!

The night flight got her all choked up,
she couldn't really run away.
She does nothing.

She stands.
She does nothing.
She frightens!

She frightens them all.
She frightens herself.

Look out on the beach.
There's a knife in her hand.)pinchedKNIF)
In the fog on her knees.
She stabs the sand.

Look high on the cliff.

She burns at the stake.
She signals a message through the flames.

Through the flames. (x4)

Can she die?
She cannot.
Hence: she frightens.

She scares me, where can I go?
She scares she, where can she run?
She scares me, where can I go?

She scares she, where can she run?

She sees me.
She does nothing.
She frightens!

She sees me.
She does nothing.
She frightens!

She sees me.
She does nothing.
She frightens!
(she sees me she does nothing(

not.sponsored by BILL Cosby.s........
 but JELLO did say this be greatest unrecorded MASQUEband....class of '77

proceed before de-evolution

When a favorite human turned me on to this...
He described...cause there were no downLOADING.
He said

"...sounds like the GERMS beat up DE-EVO.
took instrumentations....even kept keyboards...but.t DISTORTION

distortion should be listened too

this has Ben AUDIO.VOX recording


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

juuuust a bit outside. fever pitch

i.am...dont cry
was too....a fan of    at bats
classic swingers...(of (no)trend)
knock.em outta park of play
with a 12" weenie in yer hands


lemme."call" a game

but im not a good average...or e.r.a.

Monday, June 6, 2016

but t its just funn




but thanks you for thee
helping hands

            you know....hey now......but if ya.gots
   some light to shed....you know
ok...ok...OK, good

boardporn      unapproved.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

huge gumby gong

if ya.really get it
this speaks volumes

i dont relate to ALI
i do however love me some Gumby.

i want to say so much
but there is no need.

"little nitwit spars in words"


and hear us out
we readily admit to BEING thee nitwit

now go away

but do,do yerselves favors
get this book
dont.like(S) pettibone cause he drew surfing couple years ago....

alright...im gunna. go double dose death.

we're down to water swabs.
ma says why no Mas ice chips?

whaddya. say