Wednesday, September 21, 2016

go find conn.maxwell....ask him...hes better at

I used to know everything about you
But today when I tried to point you out to one of my friends
I picked the wrong girl again
Don't see you in the crowd anymore
I think it's you but I can't be sure
You're wearing disguises
Occasionally a girl surprises me
When she turns out to be you
Wearing disguises 

I don't think you want me to see you ever again
And today I saw you dressed as a flower bed
Last week you had a wig on your head
Directing traffic in the street
And your shoes were too big for your feet
You were wearing disguises
Occasionally a girl surprises me
When she turns out to be you
Wearing disguises

Wearing disguises
Wearing disguises
Wearing disguises
Wearing disguises

drips& i being chased "recruit ...permanently&convince...or is this just a 15minutes,31 flavor of month boner popper....have ya.shot yer loads?

 if they parall
 SparklesHipsville 29 BC

The Trashmen
            Surfin Bird
e Phantom Love Me1:29

Jett PowersWith Vince Parle & The Raunch HandsGo Girl Go





iim.either flowing really.really good
with thee goddammit ferris.wheel on the 

or ready to .

stand.bye...sacrifice all....Fer now...remember, self disruption... out....outside.inside....

i.want time....hardest thing to buy

if where ye.were goin...I . learn
thanks you
not bad for a resmart
takin outta class es. 
sent down thee waay.cause
i couldnt thinks "normally...

so true....
21st smartys...every 1 of us .monks...
hey kent.......
im.gunna cum up short...
despite whatever

dont.hate me though...pretty please

things happened..outta my hands...
something just , blipp...changed....


get you & Carl in one of these left.coast club dealing.
...we, uhhhh....i never promise
as we enter this time of year, here....
how many thanksgivings.ive phucked
promising to be back in time...

buuut...the tide seems to always drop when the fatso.american male is stuffing his phat.consumered
i...dont.,judge....just cant.relate...

eye.dont.relate to much....

oh...but,back to MONK...
i.acidentally shaved a monk stamp in,

shave one in me noggin other day

maybe it got me a couple more slides today.

oh...ive.tried 2wice....
send you a note.resrrect..bout yer
mayan.V bottom....

you are the man
if ididnt hate travels so much...
im.tired kent
after the right hander i was meant (but got clipped) to get down too....

oh well

this was all, and much.much

this all was....and more, was all thought in 28.2seconds.

you try writing that down


this isnt scary videobut,
for those that flow ,a waay....
liddle hanging it up
unless you,ed.
prepper,hoarder,whacko. stockpiler...

talk to weirdly
ive.nominated him as my agent for
broke)ring....but, he doesnt know it yet.

buut...hes busy chasing farout.bubbling.ness
in the middle of thee desert.

for now...
when he comes back

then this can too

get it.... can too

can do dodo like me ma essentially says

buttttttt....stay, APOLITICAL

like texas...big boys.....
my main man, from college,...
tracked me down...

he blew my fuckin mind...
we were catching up
what he experiencing....
calls into question, like(S)
thee axis....thee pole(smoke it)
of which we spin round.....

yeeah...fuckin not only
rythm&souled. me many influential years

hes.never surfed in his life

but he found peace...took him 50yers.... it....
i....eye, likes that

Sunday, September 18, 2016

shoestring budgets

i didnt sleep

and someones looking at this
im looking at them, looking


gotta have 1 last video
cause im gonna get tired & kaput.
speaking rumor

hey...this hadlien made fun of me & himself.
about my using that beyond trim of his
of yours..i.said, yeah, i know...
so just waiting(ed)
but I hea..or read...
diki's living room



ill stuff this in here too...hide it.
i told him im gonna laugh when he starts telling of questions he gets.
couple weeks back, he said he was out,
our local bs....just , we end up...down.
buut...he was this himself
guys walks to shore.turns south(east)
walks down right in front.
paddles out.sits up, tells paipo.paul.
"weve had no wind for 3 years"

he rolled his eyes..
told himself
 "fuckin guys on acid"
paddles down further
i ask "you shake him"

"nah...had put up with the hour"


dint.look at his

but, do  admit....
they are a very addictive

oh...severs on right up...
blew me out...ahhhaaa.
such timing
resume thinking

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

a billion thoughts in a second

what makes  a man start fires?

i met mr.natural

i gave him BLUE CHEER
(even though hed.had orange sunshine
per owsley...waay.along backward.
mr.narural caught me offguard at this moment in my dream called life.
but hes still hear&near


Listen here baby
'Cause you outta time
I'm so sorry
It's the end of the line
I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do
All I know, can not leave with you.
I'm so sorry I'm bringing you down
Well I'll make it up next time I'm around
Next time baby, I'll make it up to you
I told you once, I told you twice
You better straighten up child
You better fly right
But you don't wanna listen to a thing I say
I'll put you away child for one more day.
Now I'm so sorry I'm bringing you down
I'll make it up next time I'm around
Well alright, this time baby, I'll make it up to you
Listen here, babe
It's the end of the line
I'm so sorry that you outta time
I don't know what to do
I don't know what to say

Sunday, September 4, 2016

its gunna be bright &sunny

 you like treble video
                                    who's   john.brannon
but this craze....
"...i remember 1983 when i was a kid...."

Thursday, September 1, 2016

forbidden fruits of poison

we had plans...damn
that whole forbidden fruit debacle

do you really wanna explore deeper.

i.did..thought so, until a story I
chased down.....the man tells me

         ."...oh, eh....we flew under the radar.."

welp....i get it....nevermind...

but still....woulda.been a good hard to find pooper.companion.rag.

but it might turn up another rag...

cause its.a cool happening that ...

many of those one kinda board
pertinent players.revolution.....
characters....turn up in story


5.years ahead of timed

fax non.transMISSIONed
sexual transmission

Thursday, August 25, 2016

"electrified one half of his audience, and electrocuted the other"


he went electric.....not kelly.......
   well...he did....wavepool.....

but BOB
  tide changed on him
(idont.know...i was listening to a bob.-

     """"""electrified one half of his audience, and electrocuted the other"""""""""""

i was dumping...
reading this.. ...i about shit my pants.
thats my business model

systems need reboots