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White Cross "Fascist" 7" (and other Right Coast bands)

White Cross & THE OTHER East Coast punk scenes.....YES, there was more
going on than just D.C. and Boston or New York

Mandatory listening you FUCKS!  Every time I used to make a mix tape for somebody, this was more often than not, the lead off tunes.  Grabs you by the neck, and slams you up against the wall.
White Cross - Zero Degree Records - 1982
"OK, so what if I've got so many so called hardcore records that make me tense up as I forcefully wallow in as one what if originality is giving way to a predilection for a given way to a predilection for a given style, heavily trodden with an endless line of so called punks...
enter White Cross...took their time and did it right...the music is baseball over da head... the lyrics??
oh well, I'll still say this is light years better than most...Strongly gets my seal of approval which basically amounts to enjoying a listen while I'm riffling a load of screaming spermatozoa into the toilet..."
Touch & Go Fanzine
Issue #21, April 1983

      My buddy tape traded with some guy overseas for a bunch a shit......I can remember SS Decontrol demo, Suicidal Tendencies demo...that's all I can really remember, but it was a whole 60 minute tape full...anyway,
      the track listing said "White Cross, Fascist" 7"......we thought it sounded like the gayest, most generic sounding band name....but, 8 songs on a 7", in maybe as many minutes....if that.  could be promising.  Soooo, we gave it a listen, and were floored.
    First song, rumble drum pounding, then this screeching, hoarse yell...
"Fascism on the rise
Can't break your nazi ties
I know what trash is
Stupid fucking fascist...."
     But, it's fucking angry, really fucking angry.....desperate.  The vocals are raw.  It was recorded live (Studio 2, Union Theological Seminary, Oct 1982)...???  But the sound they captured....shit, it's perfect.  Noisy, but makes this record that much better.  Guitar is a scathing, direct & mean sound.  The drums have the natural crack sound-fast as hell too.  Bass gets a little lost in the mix, but still filling out the sound....but that's what comes with live sound.  This is a barn burner.  Smoke comes off the turntable when I'm playing it......even their "slower" tune is speedy & on fire.  Man, the vocals just really put this over the top. 
YOU MUST listen to this, if you think you like harDCore. 
    What's great too, is the fact that they had no qualms about identifying themselves as NOT straight-edge.  That's what the song "Having Fun" is all about...funny. 
"...I can't stand, but I can see
No Straight Edge, No Straight Edge..."
   White Cross who were from Virginia, along with No Labels, who were from North Carolina, were going up to D.C. early on to watch all the Dischord bands.....and were not enthused by how they were being treated by the elitist attitude of all the D.C. punks.  They had no worries about calling them out either.  No Labels had 2 songs, "harDCore" & "Chance to Speak" where they really take it to their stuck attitudes.  Ian called it "unjustified..."  Well.....
      Here was a statement from No Labels that was included in the No Core insert:
   "....Because of Raleigh's small size, a relatively small scene, and narrow minded club owners, very few national bands make it to the area.  No Labels and others have relyed on DC as a place to go and see shows.  They have some of the best bands anywhere.  This is important because the song "harDCore" on the North Carolina compilation NoCore has seemed to cause a lot of tension between NC & DC.  It is unnecessary and unfortunate.  We would like to explain that we personally think that DC as a whole has a great scene, with good attitudes and good people.  But within any scene, especially one of its size, one is going to find problems.  We cite DC in the song because we are familiar with the place.  It's intention is not to breed ill feelings, but to serve as constructive criticism from an outside view-stressing the distinction between territorialism & localism:  and the stupidity of the hypocrasies people commit just to be "accepted" in a "scene"...."
                                  As for Virginia bands, check out:
-Fron Line (1982 demo is very good) who went on to change names & become
-God's Will 7" (whacky & fun tunes)
-Graven Image (demo & 7" are OK, but worth a listen)
-Honor Role (cool demo)
-Death Piggy 7" (weird shit....went on to later become GWAR)
-White Cross 7" (these guys were also associated some way, with these next bands too)
-Unseen Force
-The Prevaricators       these 3 bands, eh.....not so much, but involved in the history
-2000 Maniacs                                          

As for North Carolina bands, these are some of our favorites here:
They offered up 2 Comps, one tape, & one 7", to the punk world
-No Core Comp (was a tape compilation from 1982....with these 4 bands
    C.O.C. - Corrosion of Conformity
    No Rock Stars
    No Labels (these guys have a coupla was bootlegged on a double 7"
                     called, "Crime Pays, & Fan Clubs Sucks" shared with the
                     D.C. Youth Brigade demo that was released with the Minor Threat demo)
                  No Labels also contained Reed & Woody, who were pulling double duty
                 here & in C.O.C.
No Core Tape

No Core Comp LP Reissue Cover

-Why Are We Here? 7" (with Bloodmobile, Corrosion of Conformity, Stillborn
                                      Christians, No Labels)
-Stillborn Christians (have a cool, noisy demo)

Oh Yeah, White Cross also released a LP, "What's Going On?", again, on
Zero Degree Records, 1983
Don't bother....just our opinion....we do not like it

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