Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mecht Mensch / Skate Punk

          Bought a handful of old punk fanzines years ago.......
     This particular zine, was my favorite acquisition.....why?  The name was funny,
"Reagan Death", and cause it was from Madison Wisconsin, home to the Tar Babies and this band, Mecht Mensch....and I knew it would have pictures of them.
back cover
       And with that, this is my segue into possibly my favorite 7", single, ep, 45....
Mecht Mensch "Acceptance" on their own Bone Air Records
which translates roughly to “Mechanical Man”...I've even heard "Mighty Man"  
          I don't know you?  tell me if so
got my copy for $50....almost bought a copy off of Jeff from Vinyl Solution.
I've seen it recently go for over $300........a couple of times!  crazy shit
This is a dark, grinding, menacing piece of vinyl.  The way Marc's vocals are hoarse & desperate... he drags out the end of a lyric like he's dying, fading away from living.  The recording of the drums is perfect, plodding along, hard pounding.  Bass, well, rips.  And guitar tone is eerie & fucked...just listen to "Zombie".....grinding, creepy, fucked shit...and the lyrics are awesome.  I want to be a zombie...  However, our vote for best song is either
"Land of the Brave" or "What's Right".  I love the tempo of this deal.  "Acceptance" is their fastest song, and I really dig how it grinds to a halt....then it picks up again, fast.  Then the rest of this ep gradually slows to a dirgy, slower mid paced thumper.  Every song is different in beat, and, yeah, I just really dig their middle grinders. 
        Like mentioned before, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth took out this 7"  when they met with Butch Vig at their apartment to talk about how they wanted their LP, "Dirty", to sound, cause Vig was the one who recorded the Mecht Mensch single.
     Like I mentioned before in the Tar Babies post, these 2 bands shared members.
Dan played Guitar here, and drums for Tar Babies.  Jeremy played bass here, and sang for Tar Babies.  The zine has pictures of both bands....
I like the caption to this one
But, here is Mecht Mensch pictures
more common photo
Look at that mug
shoulda posted these in the Tar Babies deal, but, eh, oh well
Dan of Tar Babies
The zine is bitchin'....funny reading reviews of bands from way back when.  Especially the record some of the records that fetch big dollar these days, were actually stupid records then.....nobody like them....
      like the Willful Neglect 12".  They write "...Slick production fails to salvage this mediocre album of generic thrash.  The lyrics aren't too swift either, and is it really necessary to put a sticker on the cover that says "hardcore"?  "   funny, I know they recently reissued it......and we hate it
   Die Kreuzen ep gets high marks, as does Negative Approach & White Cross ep's.
Anyways, Mecht Mensch destroy......get it quick. 
    Have heard of a discography in the works by a label called More Than A Witness, they have deal, here's link,
I've tried to get a hold of em.......never heard back.......are they a real deal?
I think they did release the C.I.A. discography.....YUCK
They also have in the works a United Mutation discography LP too
What the fuck.....hope they are a real label & will get these projects released soon
Mecht Mensch stuff to be heard:
1982 Demo Tape 
Tar Babies / Mecht Mensch split tape 1982 (Bone Air)
Barefoot & Pregnant Tape 1982 (Reflex)
Acceptance 7" 1983 (Bone Air)
Meathouse Tape 1983 (Version Sound)
Master Tapes Compilation LP 1983 (Affirmation)
We Got Power Compilation LP 1983 (Mystic)
America's Dairyland Tape 1983 (Last Rites)
           It's so sad when I come across skate videos these days....all that hip fuckin shit...
Man, when I was a kid, punk & skating went hand & hand...... what happened? 
But Mecht Mensch, Tar Babies, Septic Death, Big Boys, JFA, Faction, Los Olvidados, Code of Honor, too many more...
well, shit, again, the whole skate scene......skating was punk, and punk was skating.

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  1. Mecht Mensch were featured in Thrasher magazine's first issue of "skaterock". Check it out!