Sunday, April 8, 2012

Matt Howard / Brittany Quinn / Concrete Connectors / Surf

WE LOVE THE BOTTOM TURN.  All the way out into the flats, hop up, then lean it over HARD, and trim.....what's better?

Mateo Howard & Brittany Quinn new flick
"Concrete Connectors".  JUST GO BUY IT, YOU FUCKS
       Kinda like a Hunter S. Thompson book......but as a surf movie
      We did not want to post this along with all the others.....kinda wanted to want..... let the hipster hype die down......but 2 of us are feeling extra "saucy" right, why not
       It's like, you when you eat mushrooms, or drop a coupla  tabs of acid, you start to feel that buzzing in the back of your neck.......then things start to get fuzzy, jittery, blurry, & you start giggling????   Then excitement, and getting amped up to do something.... Well, yeah, it's like that.  Simple, fun, & makes you wanna surf  the way you want to.  FUCK ALL the Fags on the beach watchin..... Alaia, twin fin fish, longboard, even looks like a longer thruster.......nice to have them back in the surf film making realm.  But's what's better, you know they don't fuckin care....they are doin what they want, cause it feels good / right.  Primarily shot from a certain surf break that I will not mention here.  I is refreshing to see the pen / ink illustrations again.....the way animation was done way back when......makes me happy, all the between scene
random-ness.  Some grainy film too.........We pop wood for celluloid.
The surfin dog is back....that made us happy.
          This bit o' film I have posted is NOT from said surf flick!  It's from the cutting room floor deal, "Let it Flow", which seems to have footage from
"Embryo Of Fine Flow".  Which, again, I have 2 copies now, so if someone out there is looking for it........hit us up. 
      Matt & Brittany's style is so simplistic, soooo smooth.......they do not push it, force it, copy & fake it, play it up for camera' just ooozes from their deepest intuition.   The best!!!!
        I got my copy of "Concrete Connectors", have you got yours? 
You may say, "...well, I have never done psychedelics.......I am scared, this just does not make sense as a description for a surf flick...."  To that, I probably don't deserve to watch this then........just go back to your milk toast & punch Thomas Campbell, Shelter Surf Shop, Thalia Street Surf shop bought image,  tight jeans wearing self.......kinda like Hendrix said........"Are you experienced?"  If so, then this surf film will mean that much more to ya

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